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Services: Services

Empowering Feedback, Storytelling

I use my storytelling skills, big picture vision, and extensive training to assist independent writers and publishing house clients in the early and polishing stages of crafting memoir, self-help, historical fiction, and other genres. I am a certified book coach, certified editor, and ghostwriter with a special interest in fostering all things healthy living.

Early Content Development


As a certified book coach gifted in big picture analyses, I can make the early writing process more efficient--or help you hone your work at any stage. My guidance is informed by 400-plus hours of training, and from providing guidance for all stages of content development for self-published authors and six presses, including Counterpoint, MIT and Stanford’s presses. I also have a decade-plus of experience coaching university faculty about engaging ways to present their work.


Consider investing in the following coaching offerings:

  • The Road Map aka Book Planning— we work back and forth to nail down your book’s foundational elements. More than a dozen factors are considered, such as clarifying the (sub)genre, theme/main point, and character’s arc of change (or reader’s arc in self-help, e.g.), using a series of exercises to define these key factors readers need to connect with your work.

  • Revision Coaching — a review of the overarching things to tackle next in a completed manuscript, including moving forward with initial coaching to revise pages.

  • Story Development Coaching we work back and forth, chapter by chapter, to execute your initial vision, or to enhance a stalled out partial or completed manuscript; a 10% discount applies when bundled with another service.

Juniper Plant_edited.jpg

Genre Covered


  • Big idea books, such as on diversity topics

  • Life science-related topics, including wildlife conservation, native landscaping, sustainable agriculture, climate change mitigation

  • Memoir, self-help, and hybrids of the two

  • Narrative nonfiction, including nature essays, social justice journalism

  • Broad spirituality, from mindfulness, to energy healing modalities, to progressive Christianity



  • Women’s fiction and historical fiction, except works that are primarily romance, fantasy, sci fi, horror, mystery, or domestic or other thrillers

  • General fiction — providing line editing (for voice, dialogue, and style), and copy editing (for grammar, word choices, spelling, punctuation, etc.)

Reach out for a 30-minute free consult

Editing and Ghostwriting


A successful book has many moving parts, making clarity and reader engagement challenging. As a certified editor, I provide an eagle eye for indie and traditionally published authors, whether for book or book proposal development.


I also have decades of experience as an award-winning writer of many nonfiction subjects. I craft compelling content that embeds someone's passion on the page while ghostwriting book proposals and books. My background includes extensive experience writing features for lay magazines and non-profits such as The Nature Conservancy, and coaching hundreds of university faculty about engaging ways to present their research.


Consider investing in the following sentence-level offerings:

  • Structural Editing — often improves logic and accessibility by moving content between/within chapters, and by enhancing chapter titles and other reader guideposts. Single round of feedback includes call outs about content strengths and specific wording approaches to consider revising, such as addressing telling instead of showing details.

  • Line Editing — a follow-up step focused on voice, dialogue, and style that I have 90-plus hours of training in; commonly used in fiction, and by nonfiction writers seeking to improve tone or style, reduce wordiness, and/or address a book’s language level.

  • Ghostwriting — for memoir and nonfiction book proposals, and for nonfiction books (see the Genre list for potential topics).

Services: Testimonials

I truly enjoyed working with Barbra. Her attention to detail and suggestions exceeded my expectations. Initially she started by copyediting and proofreading my memoir, but after working through my initial manuscript and seeing its potential, she gave me some recommendations on where we could improve the project. We decided to continue the work and through additional developmental editing we created a new manuscript that vastly improved the book. All I can say is that I’m grateful for her suggestions, enthusiasm and willingness to immerse herself in the subject of my book.

Roman Castilleja, Rowing Home memoir

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